2012 Sandy Koufax League
Northampton Blue Sox

Our Philosophy

Safety: We take safety very seriously. To the greatest extent possible, we buy the best quality equipment that we can find. We allow our Sandy Koufax players to have the option of wearing masks while batting, even though it is not required by league rules. We were the only team to do so last season.

Sportsmanship: We do our best to encourage good sportsmanship and to build good character in the youngsters who participate in our program. We do not tolerate taunting, jeering or name-calling towards our opponents and encourage parents to work with us to keep our kids positive at all times.

Coaching: We believe that at this age and ability level, it is best that the head coaches not have children on the team. While this is not always possible, it remains a goal of the Association. We do our best to retain coaches who have a proven ability to teach baseball and to make belonging to the team a memorable and fun experience.

Tryouts: Once again, at this age level, we feel it is important to make the tryout process as free from favoritism as possible. All teams are selected by the Board, the coaches--if they have been named, and in some cases invited experienced evaluators of baseball talent. Board members with children vying for positions on a team disqualify themselves from the selection process for that team.