2004 Mickey Mantle Northampton Blue Demons

Field Directions -Tri-County Mickey Mantle League

Amherst-Pelham Regional High School is located at 21 Matoon St. in Amherst. The Amherst Middle School is located directly to the north of the high school at 170 Chestnut St. High school field #2 is situated to the northwest of the high school building. The Middle School field is positioned next to the middle school building. From the north, the Amherst fields can be reached by driving south on Rte. 63 to the traffic light at the Congregational church in North Amherst. Turn left onto Pine St. at that light, proceed about one mile, then, turn right onto East Pleasant St. Drive about three miles, then, turn left onto Chestnut St. to reach the middle school.

If the destination is the high school, proceed further to the intersection of East Pleasant St. and Triangle St. Turn left at the light at that intersection, then, after driving mile, turn left onto Matoon St. High School field #2 is situated behind and to the left of the school building.

From towns located to the east and west of Amherst, drive on Rte. 9 to the traffic light in the center of town. Turn north at that light (turn left,if coming from Northampton) onto Pleasant St. At the third traffic light after turning northward, turn right onto Triangle St. and proceed straight to Matoon St. Schedules

The Easthampton teams play at Booster Field, which is located in Nonotuck Park. Daley Field, which is situated at the entrance to the park, and at two baseball diamonds at Galbraith Fields, the Williston Academy athletic fields. The Galbraith Fields are the location of Carpenter Field and the Williston JV Field and are located next to Daley Field and three blocks south of the Williston Academy gymnasium. From most locations, drive southward on I-91 to Exit 18. Proceed on Rte.5 &10 South for two miles, then, turn right onto East St. Drive for about two miles, then, turn right onto Clark St., which will intersect with Rte. 141 South (Cottage St) in lower Easthampton. Turn right onto Cottage St. and proceed to a traffic light situated next to Nonotuck Pond.

If the destination is the Galbraith Fields, drive straight through the light onto Payson Avenue and proceed up a hill. At the top of the hill, turn left onto Park St. and drive for about one mile to Taft St, where there is a sign for the Galbraith Fields. Turn left and proceed to the parking lot of the Fields, which is on the right side of Taft St.

If the destination is Daley Field or Booster Field, turn left at the light next to Nonotuck Pond. Proceed on Williston Avenue. If the game is at Daley Field, turn right into Easthampton High School, where parking is available. If the game is at Booster Field, drive until the end of Williston Ave., where the road turns rightward and leads to the entrance to Nonotuck Park. Turn left to enter the park and follow signs to Booster Field.  Schedules

The Greenfield teams play at a variety of locations. Abercrombie Field is located behind the Center School on Montague City Road in East Greenfield. From the south, drive north on I-91 to Exit 24 in South Deerfield. Proceed on Rte.5 &10 north into Greenfield. Immediately after crossing the Deerfield River bridge, which separates Deerfield and Greenfield, and where there is a golf course located to the west of the road, turn right onto Cheapside St. Proceed on this road, which becomes Montague City Road, for about one mile, then, turn left directly before the Center School building.
Pioneer Valley Regional High School is located on Sumner Turner Drive in Northfield. This road is across Rte. 5 & 10 from the entrance to the Northfield-Mt.Hermon School. From most locations, drive north on I-91 to Exit 28A. Turn right onto Rte. 5&10 north and proceed about three miles to the school, which is located to the left of Rte. 5&10.

Turners Falls High School can be reached by driving north on I-91 to Exit 27. Turn right onto Rte. 2 East and proceed to the second traffic light, which is located directly to the north of Turners Falls. Turn right, cross the Connecticut River Bridge, and proceed to the traffic light in the center of town. Turn left onto Ferry Road, proceed about one mile to the top of a hill, where Scotty's Store is located to the right of the road. At the fork in the road about 100 yards beyond Scotty's, bear right onto Montague Road. Proceed for mile on Montague Road to a traffic light situated at the Montague Fire Station. Turn left onto Turnpike Road. Turners Falls High School is several hundred yards from this intersection. Schedules

The Mohawk Trail Regional High School is located at 26 Ashfield Road in Shelburne Falls. Ashfield Road is Rte. 112. Drive north on I-91 to Rte. 2. Proceed west on Rte. 2 past Shelburne and Buckland to Rte. 112 south. The school is about mile from Rte. 2. The ball fields are located in a vale behind the school building.  Schedules

Northampton High School is located at 380 Elm St. in Northampton about one mile from Smith College. Elm St. is Rte. 9, by the way. From the north, drive on I-91 south to Exit 20, then, turn right onto Bridge St. Subsequently, turn left onto North Elm St. (Rte.9) at Look Park. Proceed to the intersection of North Elm and Elm Streets, then "V" turn rightward onto Elm St. Finally, turn left at Milton St., just beyond the school parking lot and turn left, again, into the parking area between the football and baseball fields.

The high school can be reached from points west and south by driving on Rte. 9 or, from the south, Rte. 5&10 into the center of Northampton. Then, proceed westward on Rte. 9 past Smith College to the high school.  Schedules

South Hadley:
South Hadley High School is located at 153 Newton Street in South Hadley. Newton Street is Rte. 116. From Holyoke, cross the River at Bridge St, proceed to the Rte.202 rotary, and, then, drive north on Rte. 116. From Ware, drive on Rte. 9, then, travel on Rte. 202 to its intersection with Rte. 116. From the "Hamptons", drive on Rte. 141 into Holyoke. Turn north on Rte. 5&10 and, then, one mile later, turn right onto Rte. 202 (Lincoln St.). Subsequently, cross the River, and change to Rte. 116 north at the Rte. 202 rotary. The parking lot for the baseball field can reached by turning eastward onto a side street one block north of the school grounds.

The Beechgrounds field is located adjacent to the Connecticut River in South Hadley Falls. From the north, drive southward on Rte.116 into South Hadley Falls. At the traffic light at the bridge over the Connecticut, turn left onto Main St. The Beechgrounds is located to the right about 200 yards from the light and across Main St. from the Town Hall. From the south, cross the Connecticut on Bridge St. in Holyoke, which is Rte. 116. After crossing the bridge, turn right onto Main St. and proceed to the Beechgrounds. Schedules