2008 Mickey Mantle Northampton Blue Devils

About MLYB

The Mike Laga Youth Baseball Association of Northampton, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that was formed to offer baseball opportunities and to teach the sport of baseball to Northampton area youth between the ages of 13-19.


League Policies:

Both leagues that we participate in, New England Youth Sports Association (NEYSA) and Pioneer Valley Youth Baseball League (PVYBL), have rules about who can play on our teams.

PVYBL requires that you try out for the team in your community first. If you do not make that team, you can try out for another team. If you do not have a team in your community you may try out for a team in a bordering town.

NEYSA rules state that we must draw our players from Northampton and from any town that abuts Northampton, so long as that town does not have a team in the same division. For example, youngsters from Hatfield or Williamsburg would be eligible for our teams according to league rules, because they are contiguous to Northampton and do not offer Sandy Koufax baseball. Youngsters from Southampton or Deerfield would not be eligible since those communities are not contiguous to Northampton, although both leagues have granted waivers on a limited basis in the past.

Mike Laga Youth Baseball Association Policy:

The Mike Laga Youth Baseball Association is a Northampton based organization that was originated by Northampton residents with the primary purpose of providing baseball opportunities for Northampton youth. Our rules limit eligibility to:

1) Residents of Northampton

2) Non-residents of Northampton who attend Northampton Public Schools

3) Non-residents of Northampton who played either Little League or Cal Ripken Baseball in Northampton during the preceeding year.

Other residents of neighboring communities will be considered only if there are spots available on our teams after all those in the above categories who are deemed to possess the skills necessary to play on our teams have been placed on a team. Based on past experience, if you are not eligible in one of the three ways listed above but still want to play in our organization, it is more likely that spots may open up on one of our Mickey Mantle teams or our Connie Mack team than on our Sandy Koufax team.


Bob Bak
Glen Connly
Tommy Dolan
Barry Feingold Vice President  
Zach Holt
David P. Hoose Treasurer and Clerk of the Corporation
Mike Laga Honorary Chairman
Lance Lashway President
John Lenkowski
Scott Messinger
Tim Molaghan Secretary
Jeff Murphy
Joe Popielarczyk